1BRO Global is the Philippines’ Fastest Growing and #1 Business Opportunity Today!

What is 1BRO?

A business opportunity that is more than meets the eye…

1BRO Global is a company that aims to give every Filipino a chance to enjoy lifetime discount on load while promoting better health and wellness. They utilize a system that aims to provide tools for members, which can help them build their own businesses and help them create additional income stream.

The idea behind this business is to provide its members with prepaid load at wholesale price – same with what your “suking tindahan” gets when they sell prepaid load. Members are also compensated by promoting the products and concept of 1BRO to other people and on multiple generations!

What makes it great is that you’ll be endorsing a business that promotes discounted rates on products that are widely used in the Philippines. In fact, with or without the company, you’ll still continuously use prepaid products, so why not start making money from your regular consumption?

Aside from this, members can opt to avail health and wellness products at discounted rates, which offers more income opportunities. Telecommunications, and health and wellness are 2 of the biggest industries today, and being a member of the company gives you the chance to cash-in on these industries.

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The loading platform of 1BRO…

The most advanced universal prepaid loading in the Philippines…

1BRO Global is a marketing arm of LoadCentral – the best and most reliable prepaid loading platform in the Philippines. It is being utilized by huge companies such as Ministop, Robinsons, SM, Netopia, Western Union, and Cebuana Lhuillier for almost 20 years.

LoadCentral made it possible for the company to give its members access to more than 400 prepaid products at discounted prices. That’s far more than what your “suking tindahan” will ever have in their list of products.

As a member of 1BRO Global, you will have access to all kinds of prepaid products in the Philippines such as Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, Talk n’ Text, Sun, Smart Link, Smart BRO,  Sun Broadband, PLDT, Dream Cable, Cignal TV, Level-Up Games, AMPED Games, E-Games, Garena and a lot more.

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Still Wondering Why 1BRO Is Your Best Option for Business?

Here are some of the key features that every 1BRO dealer enjoys and is proud to have:

Business in a Box

1BRO Global has everything that you need for a business. Start your business right after your registration or whenever possible.

Operate When You're Ready!

From business legalities up to inventories; marketing campaigns up to compensation, 1BRO management takes care of everything. It’s a complete business system, waiting for business-minded individuals, like you, to get started!

Fast Growing

The number of 1BRO dealers since 2012 has grown exponentially and now spans all over the Philippines and across the globe!

Within Two Years

1BRO Global started its operation on October 12, 2012. Since then, it has already created 11 millionaires and hundreds of leaders. It is also backed by more than 60,000 dealers who are enjoying their access to discounted products and services.

Globally Recognized

1BRO is a global brand recognized by the international community for providing high quality services to its members.

One of the Few Recognized Brands

Be proud of your own business by choosing a company that you can really brag about. Be part of a dynamic and globally awarded company with 1BRO. Get all the perks of a member, together with every service that they have to offer in an instant!

Huge Target Market

Telecommunications and prepaid loading service are some of the most lucrative industries in the Philippines today!

More Than 100 Million Target Market

1BRO Global offers telecommunication services with over a hundred million consumers. With a target market this huge, combined with top-notch network leaders, it’s not surprising that the company grows at an unimaginable rate!

Hybrid Compensation

Make money by selling prepaid products or by endorsing the business. Work on your business the way you want to!

Make Money the Way You Want

A well-known weakness of most MLM companies is that they can only focus on one part of a business at a time; either direct selling or endorsement. 1BRO seamlessly combines both, and members can easily cash in on its lucrative compensation.

Diversified Product Line

Aside from hundreds of prepaid products available, 1BRO also offers a wide-range of wellness product options to choose from.

Health and Wellness Products

1BRO Global also has an arsenal of wellness products to promote better health. Get the wellness package for added compensation and product line. It is for members who want to build a stronger foundation for their business through health and wellness.

Easy Startup

1BRO has a completely functional system that awaits you! It only takes minutes to get started with your business!

Start Your Business in Minutes

Starting your business with 1BRO is as easy as 1-2-3! Look for a dealer, pick a package then register your account, and you’re good to go! Say goodbye to long lines for paper processing and sleepless nights for planning and execution!

Low Capital

Traditional businesses need hundreds of thousands to get started. 1BRO only requires minimal capital to get started!

Start for Only P3,988!

₱3,988 won’t get you anywhere with traditional business. With 1BRO’s compensation plan, however, you’re ₱3,988 can earn as much as ₱30,000 per day! Have access to a business system by spending less than the price of the smartphone you’re holding!

The List Goes On… You Better Get Started with 1BRO Now!

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Load consumption in the Philippines…

Let’s talk about the target market of 1BRO Global Inc.:

DDid you know that the telecommunications in our country is a 500-billion-peso industry? This is the reason why I can clearly say that 1BRO is the best business in the Philippines today! Can you imagine how big your target market is, if you are going to offer lifetime discount on load to every cellphone user?

If we are going to get 10% of all consumers, it will still give you more than 10 million; 1% of all consumers is still more than a million. That’s a huge market for this kind of business and will definitely give you good chances at becoming very successful with it. What makes it even interesting is that 1BRO Global Inc. (at the time of this writing) only has less than 17,000 active members – only 0.017% of the total target market; 0.17% for 10 million; and 1.7% for 1 million.

Now that we both agree about the importance of the product that 1BRO Global is offering, I think you will also agree that there won’t be any cellphone user who won’t be interested in having lifetime discount on something that they are using – and will be using – for many years to come. Bad news, you are going to continuously use your cellphone and only three companies will make money from your consumption. What makes it even worse is that you are also going to avail the service of other companies that offers prepaid loading as their mode of payment. Now, you only have two options, which, I think, won’t give you a hard time to decide; either you keep paying for their service at full price, or become a member of 1BRO and pay for the same service at discounted price.

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1BRO Business Package Options…

Getting started… Different package offers different income potential…

Basic Package

  • 8 Ways to Earn
  • Php 32,000 Income Potential
  • Php 6,500 Worth of 1BRO Products
  • Team Exclusive Incentives
  • Exclusive Freebies and Marketing Materials
  • 100% Team Support
Capital. It is the first thing that you have to deal with when planning to start your own business. Legal operation means that you have processed your legal papers, and a business permit alone costs ₱15,000!

₱3,988 is the capital that you need to start with 1BRO Global. A one-time investment that can help you generate hundreds of thousands or even millions! It includes everything that you need for a business, so you won’t have to worry about anything to get started.

I’ve heard a lot of people who said that this amount is too much for them, but let me tell you something – your ₱3,988, no matter how many ₱3,988’s you have, won’t make you rich unless you have the right system and right opportunity that can really make you rich. The business package of 1BRO won’t make you rich, since it only includes the things that you need to get started. However, if you are going to utilize the system that it has, you will be able to build a strong source of income that can generate millions in a short period of time.If you would say that the ₱3,988 investment for 1BRO is still a big amount, let me ask you the reasons why you think this amount is big? Do you know how far this amount will take you nowadays? Here are some facts about the ₱3,988 that you are avoiding to spend:

  • It is cheaper than the cheapest smartphone.
  • It is 9 times cheaper than an iPhone 5.
  • It is worth your load consumption for 80 days.
  • It is 2.5 times cheaper than a business permit.
  • It is worth 1 month rent for a small apartment.

Other Business Package Options…

Make your 1BRO business easier by increasing your income potential…

Lite Business Package

  • 7  Ways to Earn
  • Php 30,000 Income Potential
  • Team Exclusive Incentives
  • Exclusive Freebies and Marketing Materials
  • 100% Team Support

Advance Package

  • 8 Ways to Earn
  • Php 96,000 Income Potential
  • Php 19,500 Worth of 1BRO Products
  • Php 3,000 Instant Income
  • Team Exclusive Incentives
  • Exclusive Freebies and Marketing Materials
  • 100% Team Support

Corporate Package

  • 8 Ways to Earn
  • Php 224,000 Income Potential
  • Php 45,500 Worth of 1BRO Products
  • Php 13,000 Instant Income
  • Team Exclusive Incentives
  • Exclusive Freebies and Marketing Materials
  • 100% Team Support

We Can Go All Day Talking About How Great 1BRO Is!

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1BRO Compensation Plan…

How will you make money from this business opportunity…