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Last Update: November 29, 2014

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What is 1BRO Global Inc.?

Logo of 1BRO Global Inc.

1BRO Global is the best business opportunity that you can have in the Philippines today.

1BRO is a company that aims to give every Filipino a chance to enjoy lifetime discount on load and build their business to help them have another source of income. If you think that 1BRO Global Inc. is comparable to traditional loading businesses that you’ll see, let me tell you that, though its loading platform is far better than traditional loading, it is just the “tip of the iceberg”.

The idea behind 1BRO Global is to provide its dealers with prepaid load at wholesale price – same with what your “suking tindahan” gets when they sell load to you. What makes 1BRO different is that they will also compensate you whenever you endorse the business to other people. The reason why we can say that it is the best business in the Philippines is because you will be endorsing the concept of having a discount on something that people have been using and will continuously use for years with or without 1BRO Global Inc.

The Loading Platform of 1BRO Global

An image of all prepaid products of 1BRO

Get up to 25% Discount on 400+ Prepaid Products with 1BRO!

1BRO Global is using a universal prepaid loading system called LoadCentral, which is in this business for more than 15 years. It is trusted by huge companies such as 7-11, Ministop, Robinsons, SM, Netopia, and Western Union, which proves that LoadCentral is the most reliable prepaid loading service in the country today.

With the help of LoadCentral, 1BRO Global Inc. can give its members the chance to enjoy discounted prepaid load, and dispense more than 400 prepaid products using their own cellphone and SIM card. That’s far more than what your “suking tindahan” could ever have in their list of products. By being a member of 1BRO Global, you will have access to almost all kinds of prepaid products here in the Philippines such as Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, Talk n’ Text, Sun, Smart Link, Smart BRO,  Sun Broadband, PLDT, Dream Cable, Cignal TV, Level-Up Games, AMPED Games, E-Games, Garena and a lot more.

I bet that you’re using a product from one of the companies that I mentioned, so I really don’t have to spend a lot of time to make you realize how irresistible it is to become a member of 1BRO and get a chance to have their services at discounted price, right? The fact that most Filipinos don’t have a choice but to avail what you are selling in order to have discount on load makes 1BRO Global Inc. an even better option for people who are looking for the best business in the Philippines.

Load Consumption in the Philippines

The target market of cellphone load in the Philippines

You can tap into a 500-billion-peso industry with the help of 1BRO Global!

Did you know that the telecommunications in our country is a 500-billion-peso industry? This is the reason why I can clearly say that 1BRO is the best business in the Philippines today! Can you imagine how big your target market is, if you are going to offer lifetime discount on load to every cellphone user?

If we are going to get 10% of all consumers, it will still give you more than 10 million; 1% of all consumers is still more than a million. That’s a huge market for this kind of business and will definitely give you good chances at becoming very successful with it. What makes it even interesting is that 1BRO Global Inc. (at the time of this writing) only has less than 17,000 active members – only 0.017% of the total target market; 0.17% for 10 million; and 1.7% for 1 million.

A computation of your total load consumption for 1 year.

Your cellphone is an expense generating device.

Now that we both agree about the importance of the product that 1BRO Global is offering, I think you will also agree that there won’t be any cellphone user who won’t be interested in having lifetime discount on something that they are using – and will be using – for many years to come. Bad news, you are going to continuously use your cellphone and only three companies will make money from your consumption. What makes it even worse is that you are also going to avail the service of other companies that offers prepaid loading as their mode of payment. Now, you only have two options, which, I think, won’t give you a hard time to decide; either you keep paying for their service at full price, or become a member of 1BRO and pay for the same service at discounted price.

Business Package of 1BRO Global Inc.

If you are going to start your own business, the first problem that you have to deal with is the capital that you need. Did you know that processing the legal papers for your business would cost more than ₱15,000? If you are going to become a member of 1BRO Global, you only need to spend ₱3,988 and you’ll have everything that you need to get started with your business. I’ve heard a lot of people who said that this amount is too much for them, but let me tell you something – your ₱3,988, no matter how many ₱3,988’s you have, won’t make you rich unless you have the right system and right opportunity that can really make you rich. The business package of 1BRO won’t make you rich, since it only includes the things that you need to get started. However, if you are going to utilize the system that it has, you will be able to build a strong source of income that can generate millions in a short period of time.

The Dealership Package of 1BRO Global

Start your business with 1BRO Global Inc. just by spending ₱3,988!

If you would say that the ₱3,988 investment for 1BRO is still a big amount, let me ask you the reasons why you think this amount is big? Do you know how far this amount will take you nowadays? Here are some facts about the ₱3,988 that you are avoiding to spend:

  • It is cheaper than the cheapest smartphone.
  • It is 9 times cheaper than an iPhone 5.
  • It is worth your load consumption for 80 days.
  • It is 2.5 times cheaper than a business permit.
  • It is worth 1 month rent for a small apartment.

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These things won’t even generate a penny for you, but you are spending money for these things regularly. Did you know that, given the right opportunity and system, your ₱3,988 can help you make more than ₱30,000 per day? But let’s leave these “big earners” for now and focus on the first 3 ways (loading) to make money with 1BRO Global:

List of all the products that we have here at 1BRO

1BRO has more than 400 prepaid products!

1. Members of 1BRO Global can enjoy up to 25% discount on 400+ prepaid products. For the sake of computation, let’s say that you have 5 members in a family and each consumes ₱20 worth of load every day. That would be a total of ₱100 per day; ₱3,000 per month; and ₱36,000 per year. If you only have 10% discount on cellphone load, you will have a total of ₱3,600 savings per year!

2. 1BRO dealers can register an unlimited number of retailers. Let’s just say you have 50 retailers, which is quite small considering the number of cellphone users that you know. You will get a total of ₱10,000 just for the registration because every retailer account is worth ₱200.

Income projection for the retailer override bonus of 1BRO

Retailer override will give you P15,000 per month.

3. Dealers of 1BRO Global gets up to 2% override from retailer consumption. If you have 50 retailers and each of them can consume ₱500 worth of load every day. You will get ₱10 for each retailer without even lifting your finger. Multiply ₱10 by 50 retailers and that will give you an additional income of ₱500 per day or ₱15,000 per month!

1BRO can give your ₱3,988 the capability to generate this much because it has the right system and opportunity to make money from it. Take note that we are only talking about the first three ways to make money with 1BRO Global and these are the smallest – you still have 4 more and one of them can help you make as much as ₱30,000 per day!

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Quick Comparison: 1BRO vs. Traditional Loading Business

Image comparing 1BRO and traditional loading business in the Philippines.

Comparison: 1BRO Global and traditional loading.

Let’s forget about the other ways to make money with 1BRO and simply focus on the first way to earn – lifetime discount on load. If you are going to start a traditional loading business, you would need three different cellphones for three different “telcos“. The cheapest phone that you can get today is ₱1,000 and you need three; you also need to have three retailer SIMs worth ₱250 each; and you need to maintain three different load wallets with a minimum balance requirement of ₱1,000. Get the total of that and you would come up with ₱6,750 initial investment – that’s still a lot higher than the price of the dealership package of 1BRO Global.

Now, let’s compare the products that you have in traditional loading vs. our loading platform. With an investment of ₱6,750, you will only be able to sell Globe, Smart, and Sun products, whereas 1BRO dealers have more than 400 products. The better option is quite obvious, right? Less investment, better return, more products, and more ways to earn. This is the only business that can help you make a lot of money without spending a lot for your initial capital.

Make Money with 1BRO: Our Compensation Plan

Image of 1BRO's generous compensation plan

There are 7 ways to make money with 1BRO.

There are 7 ways to make money with 1BRO Global and the income that you will generate from this business will depend on how you are going to work on the compensation plan. We can categorize these as “slow earners” (loading) and “fast earners” (endorsing). Selling load will help you generate money but endorsing load products will make you rich – same as your “suking tindahan” vs. your “favorite endorser“. We’ve discussed the first three ways to earn, and now, we will be talking about the ways to make money through endorsement of 1BRO:

Direct Referral Bonus – endorsement is the heart of 1BRO Global and this will also give you the highest income potential for this business. Every time you refer someone, you will make ₱500 as a commission and you can refer as many dealers as you want. Note that you are not going to “recruit” people in this business, because you will only be sharing them the opportunity that you have and forcing someone to avail a discount on load is quite inappropriate.

Income projection image of 1BRO's Pairing Bonus

1BRO will give you an additional ₱500 for every pair that you have in your team.

Pairing Bonus – As a dealer of 1BRO Global, you will be given 2 corporate teams (Team A and Team B). Every time the system finds that you have a new dealer under your Team A and B, you will get an additional ₱500. The pairing bonus will be given to you regardless of who referred the new dealer. This means that whenever you already have dealers who are endorsing 1BRO, you will start to generate multiple ₱500 without lifting a finger.

Leadership Overriding Bonus – 1BRO Global won’t limit your income to the pairing bonus, because the 6th way to earn will give you 10% additional income every time your direct referrals earn from the pairing bonus. The leadership overriding bonus ensures that 1BRO will compensate you when you help your direct referrals to make money.

Income projection image of 1BRO's Indirect Referral Bonus

1BRO Global will give you ₱25 for every dealer

Indirect Referral Bonus – How bad do you want to make money with 1BRO without really doing anything? Well, if want it that bad, then this compensation will really get your attention. Unlike the direct referral, pairing, and leadership overriding bonus wherein you need to fulfill a requirement, the indirect referral will give you ₱25 every time – as in real-time – a new dealer signs-under your team from the 2nd up to the 8th level.

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